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Redefining the Consolidation Process

Consolidation & Reporting Software for Management, Financial, Budgeting and Planning

Over the past 37 years, Planmaster Systems Ltd has worked with many large and medium sized multi-national companies in various sectors of business to provide a diverse range of applications. Working on many of these applications have led to features that have been incorporated as a standard part of the software. Indeed we pride ourselves in listening to our clients and providing them with the systems they want in a timeframe that puts us ahead of the pack.

Listed below is a small selection of the clients we have served over the years ..

Greenhous Group

Established for over 100 years in Shropshire and the West Midlands of England, the group is a top 100 private company operating in the motor trade with a wide range of franchises. To satisfy their detail local requirements six ledger systems are brought together in a unified chart of accounts to enable all levels of reporting and analysis with timescales ranging from daily analyses to annual financial accounts but including detailed bottom-up budget preparation and equivalent reforecasting at appropriate times of the year.

KS Drilling

An international drilling company part of the KS Energy Group, headquartered in Singapore. The company specialises in shallow water and onshore drilling, with drilling rigs operational in the Middle and Far East and Africa. Planmaster was chosen and introduced as part of the company’s reporting process two years ago. It is now relied upon to provide detailed management information on the various drilling rigs including information previously not available. Planmaster allows the profitability of the drilling rigs to be monitored on a monthly basis allowing management to make informed operational decisions.

Electrolux Europe

A very large pan-European application in budget/strategic plan preparation, operating with over 400 users in 25 countries, this model handles budgeting and forecasting by key account (customers) down to PNC (SKU) level for thousands of products. The application is accessed through the internet using Citrix which permits the key regional planners to review and adjust plans in real time.


This major UK motor group used Planmaster to replace a large and complex spreadsheet based system. Branch accountants load their detailed ledger data, agree their figures locally and then pass forward to HQ the complete data thus enabling any level of analysis or enquiry. Similarly they use the system to hold detailed annual budgets, monthly forecasts and weekly flash forecasts.


This major Norwegian company, with over 100 subsidiaries around the world, collects and analyses a consistent set of data from its diverse operations. Although English is the business language for the company an appreciable number of the businesses are in Norway itself and thus key parts of the system have been made available in both languages.