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Redefining the Consolidation Process

Consolidation & Reporting Software for Management, Financial, Budgeting and Planning

What is Planmaster ?

Planmaster is a highly flexible, ultra fast, reliable and accurate consolidation and reporting software that is multi-currency and audit friendly.

We have been serving clients large and small for over 35 years helping them to deal with  often complex financial reporting, data and accounting requirements where speed and reliability is essential. This is achieved by our underlying technology which is optimised for number crunching.

All of this is backed up by our first class support.

Who Are We ?

Planmaster Systems Ltd has been around since the 1970’s and is based in the UK. The software is in use by a great variety of companies including very large multi-nationals. All our people have many years of experience in building the right applications for our clients.

What if …

You could remove layers of spreadsheets, home grown solutions, manual input and consolidate on to one platform

You could remove the delays and errors associated with manual or semi-manual processes

You could easily consolidate data across your organisation no matter the location, yet be able to report in your reporting or local currency

You had one application for reporting and data analysis integrated across your entire organisation

Your data was multi-dimensional, accurate and auditable

You could use Rolling Forecasts, Budgets and Planning to focus on key business drivers and easily see the impact of changes

You could answer your management’s questions in minutes rather than hours or even days

You could be self sufficient with little or no dependancy on your IT Department

We show you how ?

We have shown numerous companies in various industries the benefits of using Planmaster including implementation in shorter timescales than is the norm.

Contact us to see how we can help you …